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Question I have a 1125 sq ft facility with a new vinyl floor tiles on a cement slab (25+ yr old building) that needs to be conditioned to dissipate static charge. What would be a economical method of achieving this? Is just a ESD floor finish necessary? Is the intrinsic leakage likely to be adequate to drain any tribocharge buildup? Or do I also need a direct path to earth ground?
Answer Statproof® Dissipative Floor Finish will convert most any hard floor into a ESD protective floor, and in areas greater than 50 sq. ft, floor capacitance will provide ground, and expensive grounding grids or wires are not required. It is the economical choice.

Using normal janitorial procedures (though requiring a dedicated mop and bucket), Statproof® Dissipative Floor Finish produces a durable, high gloss finish which is UL classified for slip resistance only - ensuring worker safety and mitigates user’s liability exposure.
Coverage: 2,000-2,500 sq ft/gallon
RTT: 10E7 ohms per ESD S4.1 @ 50% RH

The low humidity formulation is a particularly good choice in cold or dry environments.
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