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Question We currently have weak ESD awareness withing our facility. I would like to increase this and give knowledge about potential damage to ESD equipment. I was curious to know what type of damage if any is done to ESD heel straps when worn outdoors in the elements in a concrete/gravel environment. Do you have any technical information as to what actually occurs to the the product and how it is affected? I feel it must decrease the life span. Thank you. - Anonymous, Fletcher, OH
Answer Yes, walking on gravel, etc. will increase the wear on Foot Grounders. However, if the Foot Grounders are being tested ensuring a proper path-to-ground, they will still be effective in removing charges from a person on ESD protected flooring.

To improve ESD Awareness, you and your fellow workers are invited to use our Knowledge Base ESD Training which fulfils ANSI/ESD S20.20 paragraph Training Plan Requirement
"Initial and recurrent ESD awareness and prevention training shall be provided to all personnel who handle or otherwise come into contact with any ESDS items. The type and frequency of ESD training for personnel shall be defined in the Training Plan. The Training Plan shall document the procedures for recording this training in personnel training records. Training methods and the use of specific techniques are of the Organization’s option. The option that is selected shall include an objective evaluation technique to ensure trainee comprehension and training adequacy."
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