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800 We have a customer using someone elses brand of maintenance ... 0% Floor Finish, Floor Maintenance 10/13/2000
1069 Dear Sir,

Terry Skrypek, at Marlborough site of Compa...
100% Floor Finish, Floor Maintenance 2/27/1753
1151 Is it necessary to remove foot/heel grounders as one departs... 60% Floors, Foot Grounders, Grounding, Floor Maintenance 9/22/2004
1152 Is it necessary to use special cloths with anti-stat cleanin... 0% Floors, Cleaning, Floor Maintenance 9/22/2004
1167 I have a 1125 sq ft facility with a new vinyl floor tiles on... 88% Floor Finish, Humidity, Floor Maintenance
1202 I think I have taken the scotch gaurd out of my carpet. Ques... 0% Antistatic (Low Charging), Chairs, Floor Maintenance 8/19/2005
1206 Hi, I have recently applied your Statproof floor finishes, c... 100% Floor Finish, Resistance, Floor Maintenance 8/22/2005