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174 1. "Static electricity is NOT a build up of electrons". As I... 100% Paint
255 Is there an air ionizer available that when used will allevi... 0% Paint
338 What are the proper techniques on how we can prevent ESD in ... 0% Paint
434 I would like to know why the conductive paint enable the sur... 0% Discharge Times, Paint
682 We are moving to a new facility soon and need to decide on t... 0% Paint 9/7/2000
741 We are interested in an ESD paint to be used on one of our p... 0% Paint, Resistance 10/13/2000
748 I am interested in finding out if you do any permanent ESD c... 0% ESD, Paint 10/13/2000
880 We just use the Statguard® conductive acrylic paint in ... 0% Paint, Standards 12/20/2000
1022 Can Statproof Floor Paint be applied over painted, sealed co... 40% Floors, Paint 8/20/2001
1139 I would like to know if there is any point in having ESD foo... 90% Floors, Foot Grounders, Paint 9/13/2000