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# Question Rating Category(s) Date
31 I received some field returned devices (chips that have been... 20% Mats
43 To measure current or calculate energy level of a discharge ... 100% Mats
58 If you have a metro-cart with trays of Printed Circuit Assem... 80% Mats
75 The company I just started at utilizes EDS foot straps, wris... 0% Mats
97 What is the appropriate measuring instrument to detect a cha... 0% Mats
191 Our Engineers decided that a bench earth ground was not need... 100% Mats
268 Knowing well that the human body resistance is in the range ... 20% Mats
327 In our factory we have metal carriers painted with insulate ... 0% Mats
335 We currently are using grounded workstations in all our manu... 0% Mats
336 We, in the Arab Potash Company, Research department , are in... 0% Mats
380 I work for a rather large computer company in christiansburg... 0% Mats
398 Why would more dissipative table mats be better than more co... 80% Discharge Times, Mats
430 If an ESD Workstation has a grounded wrist strap to a table ... 100% ESD Control Program, Mats
654 I work for a rather large computer company in Christiansburg... 0% Mats
669 Are your floor mats stand alone or do they have to be plugge... 0% Floors, Mats 9/1/2000
691 What is the difference between a conductive mat, a static di... 100% Mats 9/22/2000
694 Is Charge Decay important for ESD Mats? Gene, Chino, CA 100% Discharge Times, Mats 6/6/2000
698 ANSI/ESD 520.20-1999,Table I states the work surface resist... 20% Mats, Resistance 6/9/2000
699 Is it OK to use glass cleaner on ESD Matting? Anonymous, Ch... 100% Mats, Cleaning 6/11/2000
709 Economy ESD workstation mat testing? - Anonymous, Exton, PA,... 0% Mats, Test Equipment 4/9/2001