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# Question Rating Category(s) Date
173 We are presently using a conductive floor covering on concre... 0% Insulators
226 We are using a venturi vacuum system together with conductiv... 0% Insulators
235 We manufacture wire harnesses that have PVC insulation. Dry ... 0% Insulators
283 I would like to know what it is meant by "demagnetizer" in o... 0% Insulators
355 I am looking for ESD plastic that is used in electronical pr... 0% Bags, Insulators
378 We are in the process of implementing an ESD program. the pe... 99% ESD, ESD Control Program, Insulators, Ionization
392 What are the ESD standards or requirements for hair and faci... 100% Insulators
684 Are cable ties (tie wraps) ESD safe? Anonymous, Canoga Park... 0% Insulators 9/7/2000
927 In your answer to question #133 it is recommended no conduct... 0% Antistatic (Low Charging), Insulators, Static Electricity, Electricity 6/4/2001
994 What effect do cell phones have on ESDS products? What preca... 0% Insulators 6/15/2001
1008 What is your opinion on Drinking Water/Coffee at ESD area? I... 100% Insulators 7/11/2001
1129 What are the adverse effects of cellphones at workbenches? I... 72% Insulators, Ionization 8/19/2002
1170 We are in a cleanroom, gowned up with latex, class 100 glove... 100% Gloves, Insulators, CDM 3/11/2005
1172 Within our facility we have associates who remove plastic fr... 80% Grounding, Insulators, Ionization 1/15/2005
1175 We recently applied ESD wax in our Manufacturing area and it... 100% ESD, Insulators, Ionization 3/11/2005
1181 I would like to know, if there is a certain distance that a ... 92% Grounding, Insulators, Materials 3/11/2005
1190 Can I have my paper schematics at my esd work station? 92% Insulators, Paper, Document Holders 3/29/2005
1210 I work in a mfg facility where production is saying how hot ... 100% Insulators, Ionization, Tribocharging 9/12/2005
1211 Can you tell me why a wrist strap has to touch skin? I was t... 100% Insulators, Wrist Straps 2/28/2006
1533 Out workers receive constant, large ESD shocks while using a... 0% Charge Generators, ESD, Foot Grounders, Grounding, Insulators, Ionization, Test Equipment, Wrist Straps 7/13/2012