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347 With reference to article in ESD Journal "What factors affec... 80% Foot Grounders, Foot Wear, Grounding
410 Our existing heel strap tester has problems testing when ope... 80% Foot Grounders, Test Equipment
666 If I Use Foot Grounders (on Both Feet) Do I Need Any Other ... 90% Foot Grounders 9/1/2000
714 According to your question no. 4, maximun allowable current ... 0% Foot Grounders, High Voltage, Health & Safety 4/27/2001
756 We have an ESD floor that consists of an epoxy paint. When o... 0% Foot Grounders, Grounding 10/24/2000
806 Why does our Semtronics automated ESD log in system accept f... 0% Foot Grounders, Foot Wear, Test Equipment 10/13/2000
816 I have a question about the foot strap heel grounders. If a ... 0% Foot Grounders 11/24/2000
917 How does ESD antistatic mats work with heel straps on a pain... 0% Floors, Foot Grounders 8/29/2000
979 Taking on foot straps, what is the life time for them?
0% Foot Grounders 7/19/2000
1010 We currently have weak ESD awareness withing our facility. ... 0% Foot Grounders 6/27/2001
1014 We have a static dissapative floor in place and are looking ... 0% Foot Grounders, Shoes, Test Equipment 6/27/2001
1101 Taking on foot straps, which is the life time for them? ... 0% Foot Grounders 7/14/1753
1139 I would like to know if there is any point in having ESD foo... 90% Floors, Foot Grounders, Paint 9/13/2000
1145 Is a combo Tester limited to testing Wrist Straps and Foot G... 0% Foot Grounders, Smocks, Wrist Straps 4/3/2002
1151 Is it necessary to remove foot/heel grounders as one departs... 60% Floors, Foot Grounders, Grounding, Floor Maintenance 9/22/2004
1158 Can wrist straps be worn around the ankle (instead of on the... 86% Foot Grounders, Test Equipment, Wrist Straps
1162 Can heel grounding straps be cleaned somehow? And if so, ho... 96% Foot Grounders, Cleaning
1166 What is the required frequency of compliance verification te... 93% Foot Grounders, Test Equipment 11/19/2004
1180 Dear Sir / Madam
I have a question regarding ESD safety w...
92% Foot Grounders, Foot Wear 2/23/2005
1183 If I test my footstraps and pass then a hour later I test ag... 100% Foot Grounders, Test Equipment 3/11/2005