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  • High-frequency AC Single-fan Ionizer
    Neutralises electrostatic charges on insulators and ungrounded conductors positioned 12 to 48 inches directly in front of it
  • Less than 2 Seconds Discharge Time with ±15 Volts Balance
    Meets the ANSI/ESD S20.20 required limits for ionisation tested per ANSI/ESD STM3.1 and ESD TR53
  • Automatic Emitter Point Cleaner with Programmable Cycle Time
    Minimises maintenance time
  • Top-side Display and Membrane Controls
    Allows the operator to view and modify settings without obstructing the airflow
  • 24VDC Alarm Output
    Pairs with external machinery and circuitry
  • Solid Tungsten Emitters
    Resists oxidation and melting to maintain sharp points for optimal ioniser performance
  • Powder-coated Steel Housing and Multi-Mount Stand
    Minimises foreign object debris, corrosion, and other contaminations when used in clean or sensitive areas
  • 100-240VAC Power Adapter with Interchangeable Plugs
    Works with standard electrical systems in North America, United Kingdom, Asia, and Europe
  • NIST Calibrated
    Calibrated with accepted procedures and standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Click here for more information on the calibration of SCS products.

Technical Information

  • TB-9116 - Benchtop AC Ionizer: Installation, Operation, and Maintenance