New Product Archive

New Product Archive

Statfree T2 Plus™ Worksurface Material
The Statfree T2 Plus™ Worksurface Material is made with nitrile rubber oil resistant compound. It has improved electrical and physical properties through the lifespan of the material.

ESD Event Diagnostic Kit
The 770051 ESD Event Diagnostic Kit is fully equipped with the hardware and software that allows you to detect ESD events and their magnitude.

Team6 Software
The upgraded Data Acquisition Software for the SmartLog Pro® automates employee ESD testing.

SMP Diagnostic Kit
The SCS 770050 SMP Diagnostic Kit is fully equipped with hardware and software allowing to pinpoint areas of concern and prevent ESD events.

EM Aware Monitor
The 770066 EM Aware Monitor monitors three key parameters of ESD problems: ESD events, change in static voltage field and ioniser performance.

Body Voltage Monitor
The Desco 19431 Body Voltage Meter is a portable measuring system that allows the analysis of charge levels accumulated on the human body according to IEC 61340-4-5.

Combo Tester X3
The Combo Tester X3 allows simultaneous testing of wrist straps and foot grounders, assuring that the operator is grounded properly.

Two-Point Resistance Probe
The Two-Point Resistance Probe measures the resistance of small samples or small areas on a larger sample.

SCS Multi-Ground Hub
The SCS Multi-Ground Hub provides grounding points for continuous monitors, worksurface mats, tools, carts and other items.

MagSnap 360™ Dual-Wire Wrist Straps
MagSnap 360™ Wristbands and Coiled Cords feature a magnetic connection between wristband and coiled cord which eliminates intermittent failures and extends lifespan.

Digital Surface Resistance Meter Kit
The New Digital Surface Resistance Meter Kit with large OLED display is capable of storing and recalling up to 100 measurements; it captures resistance, temperature, humidity and test voltage.

Dissipative Cushioning Foam
The Dissipative Cushioning Foam is a polyethylene foam with lasting ESD control properties that will not degrade; it offers controlled charge
removal and does not contaminate other products.

Reztore® ESD Surface & Mat Cleaner
The Reztore® Alcohol-Free Cleaner is used to clean and maintain ESD mats and other worksurfaces. It does not contain solvents such as 2-butoxyethanol, ethanolamine or isopropyl alcohol.

EasyBraid Desoldering Braid
EasyBraid's desoldering braid is manufactured using environmentally safe chemicals and is ideal for a wide range of desoldering applications.

Statfree® Ultra Clear Bags
Statfree® Ultra Clear Bags provide both ESD and physical protection for your ESD sensitive & non-ESD items inside your EPA.

SCS Verification Tester
The SCS Verification Tester checks the 724 Workstation Monitor and 725 Portable Wrist Strap Monitor.

Wave Distortion Workstation Continuous Monitors
Wave Distortion Technology is the most reliable technology for the continuous monitoring of single-wire wrist straps

Viper Ion Gun
The Viper Ion Gun neutralises electrostatic charges to eliminate attraction, visual imperfections and contamination issues.

Ground Master Monitor with Ethernet Connectivity
The Ground Master Monitor continuously monitors the path-to-ground impedance of eight metal tools.

EM Aware Monitor with Ethernet Connectivity
The EM Aware Monitor detects and measures ESD events, changes in static voltage field and ioniser performance.

WS Aware Monitor with Ethernet Connectivity
The WS Aware Monitor provides network communication with Static Management Program (SMP).

MagSnap 360 Parking Station™
The MagSnap Parking Station provides a storage terminal for the wrist cord when the workstation is unoccupied.