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Tip Cutters
Tip cutters are cutting tools with long, narrow jaws that have small, exceptionally sharp edges for cutting at the very tip. All Tronex tip cutters have long jaws for extended reach, feature Razor Flush® cutting edges and a set screw to prevent damage to the blades. Some Tronex tip cutters have lower profiles or have ultra-fine cutting tips.

Razor Flush Precision with Each Cut: 
One of the leading solutions Tronex offers to customers within the electronics field is our Sub-Miniature Tip Cutter, model number 5071.This product has been designed to be extremely durable for use in harsh workshop environments and is constructed from high quality USA made carbon steel. To ensure precision with every cut made using this product, it features Razor Flush cutting edges that have been engineered to cut wire or electronic leads exceptionally flush. The exceptionally small size of the cutting edges on the Sub Miniature Tip Hand Cutter makes it the ideal solution for manufacturers who must remove fine, individual leads from components during their manufacturing process. Its narrow jaws make it easy to reach difficult to access areas, even when a microscope is being used.

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