60358-CORD, GROUND, FLOOR, 10MM SOCKET, 1 MEG, 3.0M              

60358 - Floor Mat Ground Cord, 3 m, 10 mm Socket/Ring Terminal, 1 Megohm Resistor

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Country Of Origin: USA

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  • 10 mm (.0395") female snap socket.
    Easily snaps to mat stud
  • Extra ring terminal included
    Provided for customising cord length
  • Cord terminated with ring terminal
    Allows easy attachment to ESD ground
  • Ground cord 3 m long
  • Includes 1 Megohm resistor
  • Made in the United States of  America
    Superior Quality

Grounding per EN 61340-5-1 and –2
“An easily accessible dedicated EBP [EPA ground bonding point] for the wrist strap shall be established adjacent to each working area, or working surface. A sufficient number of EBP shall be provided for operators and visitors.” (EN 61340-5-1 section 5.3.3)
“EPA ground cords shall be used to make electrical connections between groundable points and the EPA ground facility.” (EN 61340-5-1 section 5.3.4)
Regarding 1 megohm resistor, “A nominal 1 megohm resistor is commonly used in wrist straps and to ground work surfaces.” [EN 61340-5-2: Section 5.1.1] However, for Working Surfaces, it refers to “it is allowed, when approved by the ESD coordinator, to use surfaces which are “hard ground” i.e. less than 1 X 10^4 ohms to EPA ground.” (EN 61340-5-1 Note 6 of Table 1)
“The EPA ground facility shall be connected to EPA ground and provide a low resistance path to EPA ground (<2 ohms). When available, the mains protective earth shall be used. (EN 61340-5-1 section 5.3.2)

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  • 60358.E - Mat Ground Cord with 10mm Socket