Remember THIS when applying our Statguard® Static Dissipative Floor Finish

Statguard® Static Dissipative Floor Finish

Floor Finish

Our Statguard® Static Dissipative Floor finish is a polymer base floor finish. It is designed to be used on vinyl tile flooring as well as other hard resilient flooring to protect against static electricity. When installed it will be a clear coating that can be maintained and serviced using maintenance practices. There should be no wet maintenance or contact with liquids until 72 hours after it is installed to allow it to fully cure. Doing so will risk film damage, white marks or powdering.

Statguard® Floor Finish is a polish and not a sealer so it is susceptible to solvents like water or strippers penetrating the surface if left on the surface. When Statguard® is fully cured, the floor finish does have white water resistance (a standard industry test of standing water). However, water that is left puddled on the surface will penetrate the surface like other floor finishes and turn white or powder. Because Statguard® is a performance finish for Static Control it is a bit more sensitive to water penetration than some standard industrial floor finishes that are not for Static Control.

The big caution here is not doing any wet maintenance until after the finish has cured for 72 hours. Where the finish has powdered, this means the film formation was disrupted and needs to be stripped and redone. Make sure after stripping the floor, that no stripper is left behind which can be tested by measuring the floors acidity. The floor should be at a neutral ph (7) before applying the finish.

Item   Description
220521   Statguard® Floor Finish, 10 litres
220528   Statguard® Low-VOC Floor Finish, 19 litres