Reduce Floor Maintenance Costs

Floor Finish

Not Protecting ESD Floorings Can Result in
High-Cost Maintenance

Implementing and improving ESD protection is an ongoing process for many companies. Selecting the correct ESD flooring is critical. However, maintaining that floor can be costly.

In addition to the technical requirements of an ESD floor, the ability to keep a bright, high-gloss appearance is often part of the selection criterion. If a floor is being maintained like a regular (non-ESD) floor, often no waxes or finishes are used per the tile manufacturer's recommendation; however, the flooring manufacturer may recommend using buffing pads or other maintenance techniques.

Depending on the size of the floor and floor traffic, the maintenance costs will be significant, especially if part of the goal of an ESD floor is to keep it looking shiny.

Statguard Floor Finish   Floor Finish Benefits

   When thinking about using a dissipative floor finish with ESD flooring, a
   company's goals often include:

      • Maintain the electrical properties of the ESD floor.
      • A clean, bright, and shiny floor appearance.
      • Reduce the floor maintenance costs.

   A dissipative floor finish, such as Desco Europe Dissipative Floor Finish, will
   improve the gloss, reduce costs and enhance the electrical properties of the
   existing ESD floor tile.

  Floor Finish Solution

   Using a dissipative floor finish, such as Statguard Flooring's Dissipative Floor Finish,
   can help a company to:

      • Preserve/enhance the electrical properties of ESD flooring.
      • Improve the visual characteristic of ESD flooring.
      • Reduce on-going maintenance costs.

Low VOC Floor Finish

   Statguard® Low-VOC does not contain harmful chemicals:

      • NO APE (alkylphenol ethoxylates) surfactants
      • NO Carcinogens, Mutagens, or Reproductive Toxins
      • NO Ozone-depleting compounds
      • NO Ammonia
      • NO Heavy metals (Zinc Free)
      • NO Flammable components
      • NO Components toxic to aquatic life