5S Organisation Methodology for your ESD Workstation

Organising your Workstation Using 5S method

5S methodology focuses on effective workplace organization and standardized procedures to improve safety, quality, and productivity.

5S was originally created in Japan to describe the steps of the 5S system of visual management. 5S and a visual management system in the workplace is essential for the following reasons: creates a standard, provides a foundation for visual control and allows management to continuously improve the workplace. 5S methodology focuses on effective workplace organisation and standardised procedures to improve safety, quality, and productivity. Companies should strive to identify measurable goals for their organisation.

This programme reaps tangible benefits for businesses who implement 5S including but not limited to:

  • Reduction of material handling
  • Reduction of objects purchased and used on the workbench
  • Improvement in the flow of materials through the workplace
  • Increased safety
  • Overall reduction in labour costs per project

The 5S Steps:


  • Evaluate all objects at the designated work area.
  • Reduce clutter by eliminating all unnecessary objects.


  • Ensure that all objects are organised and have a designated place.
  • Place objects in a location that is convenient and logical for the operator, so it does not require extra movement or safety hazards.
  • All objects should be easy to find, use and return.


  • Inspect equipment and tools to eliminate safety hazards and downtime.
  • Identify items that are out of place or missing from the work area.
  • Keep the workplace clean and orderly on a regular basis.


  • Establish procedures and maintenance schedules across a department or area to ensure the first three “S” practices are consistently occurring.
  • Ensure all operators understand their responsibilities for sorting, organising and cleaning.
  • Develop a work structure that supports the 5S practice and make it part of the daily routine.
  • Review 5S implementation by conducting recurring audits.


  • Continue the initiative to remove all obstacles that hinder productivity.
  • Establish a culture of continuous improvement.

By implementing 5S methods into the workplace, it will result in the organisation of tools and materials into a kit that contains only what is needed to perform the task at hand.

MENDA Workstation Organisers are an ideal solution for companies in compliance with 5S whose main objective is to create a more organised and safer working environment. MENDA Workstation Organisers are ideal for storing:

Ideally the Workstation Organiser should be the exact size desired for your work areas and have the tool openings cut for the tools you have “sorted”. Desco Europe can quote to manufacture a custom product for your requirement.

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